Triple-Up Card

With a NightPay membership, you get your own Triple-Up card. 
You can use your Triple-Up card at all the venues listed in NightPay.

You can deposit 100 kr to your Triple-Up card. NightPay Triple-Up your money (3x), such that you get 300 kr to spend in the bar.  In other words, you pay 100 kr to get 300 kr to spend in the bar - this equals 66% discount.

How much and how often can i deposit?

You can deposit 100 kr and Triple-Up as often as you want, however, you can maximum have 500 kr on your deposit balance which equals 1500 kr on your Triple-Up balance. This means, that if you have deposited 500 kr giving you 1500 kr in Triple-Up, you need to spend 100 kr in deposit or 300 kr in Triple-Up before you can deposit another 100 kr again.

Why is there two sides of the card?

(Black and white)

With a Triple-Up card, there is two ways to pay: 

1) You can pay with Triple-Up - the black side of the card.

This means that you pay with money that has been Tripled-Up (3x).

If you deposited 100 kr, you can pay 300 kr. 

You can use the black side of the card until 23.00 every day.

2) You can pay with Deposit - the white side of the card.

This means you pay with the money you deposited 1 to 1 (1x).

If you deposited 100 kr, you can pay 100kr.

What can I buy with Triple-Up (3x)?

Triple-Up (3x) can be used to buy any product, however it does not apply to products on offer, campaigns, premium bottles or tobacco products.In other words, you always pay the original/full price when you use Triple-Up. 

When can I deposit?

Can I get money back (that I have not used)?

You can deposit money to your Triple-Up card as long as you are a NightPay member. 

You can always request to pay out any remaining money from your Triple-Up card to the credit card you used to deposit with originally. Just write us an email at or chat with us in Messenger.

You can not pay out any money you were given as part of a campaign such as a start bonus. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions on

*Special rules apply if you work at one of the NightPay venues. If you're Staff, please visit Academy.